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Unique hotel Glamping Sandat, Indonesia

Glamping Sandat

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Experience true glamping!

There was a time when "Glamping" (glamourous camping) put a smile on our face. Well not anymore - this thing is getting serious. Unique hotel Glamping Sandat is so luxurious, that it can put some leading 5-star resorts to shame. Really, there is absolutely no reason to not stay in this camp.

You'll get to stay in luxurious hut with handcrafted furniture, swimming pool, restaurant and amazing chance to explore local culture and area. Simply beautiful!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Airport transfer
Swimming pool

Yoga lessons

Unique hotel Glamping Sandat1, Indonesia


Unique hotel Glamping Sandat2, Indonesia


Unique hotel Glamping Sandat3, Indonesia


Unique hotel Glamping Sandat4, Indonesia


Unique hotel Glamping Sandat5, Indonesia


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