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Unique hotel Glendoria, Poland


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Get close to nature at the charming glamping!

If you would like to get close to Polish nature but be comfortable at the same time - we have a perfect solution. Glamping in unique hotel Glendoria! In fact, it is the only glamping in Poland! And it is placed in the heart of Masurian Lake District, so get ready to enjoy sunsets, feel the wind and hear firecamp crackling!

Tents were designed with finesse and will give you a sense of african safari - except here no lions will get inside your room! Instead, you can observe tens of species of birds, swim, kayak, cycle and even scuba dive. Perfect place to feel rural Poland!

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Bird watching

Unique hotel Glendoria1, Poland


Unique hotel Glendoria2, Poland


Unique hotel Glendoria3, Poland


Unique hotel Glendoria4, Poland


Unique hotel Glendoria5, Poland


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Ględy 45 , Łukta, Poland