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Unique hotel Gran Hotel La Florida, Spain

Gran Hotel La Florida

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Stay in one of the most prestigious hotels in Spain!

Royal families, Hemingway and Jimmy Stewart agreed: this place is worth booking! Reasons? Located just 20-minute from Barcelona city centre, this unique hotel offers a bit of peace from this wonderful energetic city.

You'll stay in original interiors from 1924 restored by Ben Jakober and Isabel Cruellas. Dinner will be served on terrace with a view over shimmering Barcelona skyline. And whenever you'll feel like you need a relax, there's Zen Spa and cool swimming pools waiting for you. Worth every penny!

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Air conditioning
Swimming pool


Unique hotel Gran Hotel La Florida1, Spain


Unique hotel Gran Hotel La Florida2, Spain


Unique hotel Gran Hotel La Florida3, Spain


Unique hotel Gran Hotel La Florida4, Spain


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Ctra. de Vallvidrera al Tibidabo 83-93 , Barcelona, Spain