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Unique hotel Granary La Suite Hotel, Poland

Granary La Suite Hotel

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Stay in luxurious 500 year old granary!

Constructed in 1565 and used as part of brewery this building has long history. Since 1904 it helped to brew iconic "Piast" beer for many years. What a noble cause! Unfortunatelly it has been destroyed heavily during WWII and burned in 1970. Since then old and lonely granary was left to be demolished and forgotten.

Luckily, in 2005 building was bought by Granary Hotel and now you have a chance to stay in one of Wroclaw's most unique hotels! Expect comfortable rooms, high quality food in Mennicza Fusion and perfect location in the centre of Wroclaw!

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Air conditioning
Airport transfer

Unique hotel Granary La Suite Hotel1, Poland


Unique hotel Granary La Suite Hotel2, Poland


Unique hotel Granary La Suite Hotel4, Poland


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Mennicza 24, Stare Miasto, 50-057 , Wrocław, Poland