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Unique hotel Grand Hyatt Shanghai, China

Grand Hyatt Shanghai

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Book your stay at former highest hotel in the World!

That's right! According to Guiness World Record Book this landmark building was once world's highest hotel. Now it dropped to 5th position but as you can imagine the views are still very impressive! Rooms are neat and elegant, and this unique hotel has a swimming pool, sauna and gym.

Picky eaters can choose from 10 restaurant in the building so everyone should find something for himself! We have some good news for thrill-seekers too: Jin Mao Tower offers a 1.2m wide skywalk on the whooping height of 340 meters. Don't worry, you will get a harness and a helmet! How's that for a view?

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Swimming pool

Unique hotel Grand Hyatt Shanghai2, China


Unique hotel Grand Hyatt Shanghai4, China


Unique hotel Grand Hyatt Shanghai5, China


Unique hotel Grand Hyatt Shanghai6, China


Unique hotel Grand Hyatt Shanghai7, China


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88 Century Ave, Pudong, , Shanghai, China