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Unique hotel Guhantara Cave Resort, India

Guhantara Cave Resort

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Spend a night in an underground resort!

It all started million years ago when lava shaped the Bengaluru surroundings. Next both wind and rain took it's turns for thousands of years to form the caves. Then some people found it and added stone art and idiom-like paintings. And then came other people who built here an unique hotel. And then came our reader to enjoy all of this.

Expect cozy rooms (some of them have windows and balconies) with TV, AC, private bathrooms and electricity. Restaurant menu is simple and interior is a home to some interesting parties with water flowing from the ceiling.

In terms of entertainment there's a lot on the menu here: cricket, swimming, zip-lining, horse-riding and Segway tours. And swimming in the natural pool overlooking ancient sculptures. Very unusual place to stay!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Swimming pool
Party area

Horse riding
Local guide trips
Quad biking

Unique hotel Guhantara Cave Resort1, India


Unique hotel Guhantara Cave Resort2, India


Unique hotel Guhantara Cave Resort3, India


Unique hotel Guhantara Cave Resort4, India


Unique hotel Guhantara Cave Resort5, India


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