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Unique hotel HT Houseboats, Poland

HT Houseboats

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Sleep in the floating house!

While visiting Polish seaside you can stay in one of many hotels. But who would do that, when you can sleep in the floating home? Why? You'll be close to the water, 3 minutes from the beach and have perfect views over the Jamno Lake. Even better- you'll be actually sleeping on it!

Houses are modern and clean with bathrooms, kitchenettes and little lounge areas to enjoy the views. Some of them have sauna, fireplace and barbeque. There is a sport field nearby, and all the water activities you can wish for. Great idea to make your holiday even more special!

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In hotel:

Swimming pool
BBQ facilities


Unique hotel HT Houseboats1, Poland


Unique hotel HT Houseboats2, Poland


Unique hotel HT Houseboats3, Poland


Unique hotel HT Houseboats4, Poland


Unique hotel HT Houseboats5, Poland


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6 Marca 2 , Mielno, Poland