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Unique hotel Hacienda Cerritos, Mexico

Hacienda Cerritos

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Spend a night in a charming hacienda!

Sitting on a rocky archipelago colorful building of Hacienda Cerritos looks like something out of this world. In fact, there's also a good chance that your holiday here will be too! Located on Cerritos Beach, considered as the best beach in miles, this unique hotel will offer you luxury comfort and beautiful views.

Inside you can expect elegant rooms, dining and pool with a sea view. You can try spear-fishing, surfing, horseback riding, listening to live music or exploring adorable Todos Santos with its little restaurants, shops and galleries.

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Swimming pool


Unique hotel Hacienda Cerritos1, Mexico


Unique hotel Hacienda Cerritos4, Mexico


Unique hotel Hacienda Cerritos5, Mexico


Unique hotel Hacienda Cerritos6, Mexico


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