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Unique hotel Heritance Tea Factory, Sri Lanka

Heritance Tea Factory

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Stay in the 19th century tea factory!

Heavy mist rolls in, a chill breeze swirls across the valley, dew glistens and glimmers on fresh green leaves. Inside unique hotel converted from the tea factory, there is distinctive smell of brewed tea. And you by the table with a fresh drink and a view of the valley.

This is first impression of Heritance Tea Factory you will probably have. And there is so moch more in this place: spa with big selection of treatments and massages, library, gym and putting green. You can trek here, cycle, visit gardens and tea factories. Just remember to buy some tea while here - many says it is the best in the world. Probably the best and most unique hotel in the area!

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Unique hotel Heritance Tea Factory1, Sri Lanka


Unique hotel Heritance Tea Factory2, Sri Lanka


Unique hotel Heritance Tea Factory3, Sri Lanka


Unique hotel Heritance Tea Factory4, Sri Lanka


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