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Unique hotel Hill Fort Kesroli, India

Hill Fort Kesroli

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The fort was built by the descendants of the Krishna and later belonged to the Mughals, Jats and British before finally being transformed into hotel. Thanks to that, today you have a chance to stay at one of the India’s most unique and finest resorts!

Located on the 50 meters cliff of Breccia rock, you will have guaranteed good views from your room. Interiors have been designed to fit existing structure and are traditionally decorated, so you can experience charming Indian ambience once you book in. Restaurant serves North Indian food, but also has French, Italian and Thai options. Once here, you can explore Alwar and Sariska with many museums, temples and natural sites. Top choice!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Swimming pool
BBQ facilities

Unique hotel Hill Fort Kesroli4, India


Unique hotel Hill Fort Kesroli5, India


Unique hotel Hill Fort Kesroli6, India


Unique hotel Hill Fort Kesroli7, India


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Village Kesroli, Near M.I.A Post Office-Bahala District, Rajasthan, Bagar Meo, , Alwar, India