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Unique hotel Hoshinoya Fuji, Japan

Hoshinoya Fuji

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Luxury glamping with amazing views of famous Mt Fuji

From over 3000 campsites in Japan, one stands out by far. Meet unique glamping Hoshinoya Fuji, where you can admire Japan's most iconic mountain right from your comfortable cabin. Or bar. Or restaurant. 

The last one is called The Dining Hall, and among French-influenced dished you can order local game like deers and boars. If you like to hone your cooking skills, you can try Forest Kitchen. Here under glamping-master eye you will learn how to preapare amazing dishes. If you value privacy, just order some food right to your cabin and enjoy it on your balcony with real kotatsu table.

Cabins have all the comforts to protect you from environment if neccesarily AC, Heating, Running Water etc. - there will be no trade-offs like on traditional campsites here. 

What's best here is that there are many opportunites for scenic trips with famous mountian in background. You can try guided trekking trip, early morning canoing on nearby Kawaguchi Lake or horseriding trip around its shores.

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In hotel:

Air conditioning

Bird watching
Boat trips
Local guide trips
Horse riding

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Fujikawaguchiko 401-0305 Yamanashi, Oishi, Japan