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Unique hotel Hotel Del Juguete, Spain

Hotel Del Juguete

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Have you ever wondered what would be like, if the hotel was designed to the needs of the children? Wonder no more! Unique Hotel Del Juguete exists to guarantee children unforgetable experiences!

Expect play centres and toy store, while your room will be filled with giant Barbie houses, Lego tables, Playstation, Playmobil and Disney movie figures. Each room is different, so you can choose your favourite movie character to sleep with! Kids will love this place!

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Air conditioning

Unique hotel Hotel Del Juguete1, Spain


Unique hotel Hotel Del Juguete2, Spain


Unique hotel Hotel Del Juguete4, Spain


Unique hotel Hotel Del Juguete5, Spain


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Calle L´Escoleta 4 , Alicante, Spain