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Unique hotel Hotel Im Wasserturm, Germany

Hotel Im Wasserturm

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Stay in the biggest water tower in Europe!

Behind round-shaped brickwork, some of which is more than 140 years old, lies and a unique hotel with exceptional interior and modern design. In order to built it, over 300,000 new bricks were fired for the new walls in the nearby town. Today, you can enjoy 360 views of Cologne from restaurant on the 11th floor, or spa massages on the 5th.

Hotel is conveniently placed in the middle of the city with short walk to the most of the Cologne's attractions. Solid booking!

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Unique hotel Hotel Im Wasserturm5, Germany


Unique hotel Hotel Im Wasserturm6, Germany


Unique hotel Hotel Im Wasserturm7, Germany


Unique hotel Hotel Im Wasserturm8, Germany


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