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Unique hotel Hotel Jested, Czech Republic

Hotel Jested

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Book your stay at the giant cone with amazing views!

This unique and one-of-a-kind hotel resembles…we're not sure what. Cone might be the best word here. It's best you see the photos. Because of it's shape, building was declared cultural monument in 1998.

From outside place looks like flying saucer, so expect your rooms to be nothing less. And with these breathtaking views it's easy to feel like on the board of the spacecraft. Once you will get here by cablecar, you can take advantage of hotel's amazing views. Worth every penny!

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Unique hotel Hotel Jested1, Czech Republic


Unique hotel Hotel Jested4, Czech Republic


Unique hotel Hotel Jested5, Czech Republic


Unique hotel Hotel Jested6, Czech Republic


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Liberec 153 , Liberec, Czech Republic