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Unique hotel Hotel Klaster Tepla, Czech Republic

Hotel Klaster Tepla

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Spend a night in the 800-old monastery!

This unique hotel has some long history: after its opening ceremony attended by king Vaclav I, monastery was decimated by a plague. Then it suffered some damage in the "Thirty Years War", and was sacked by forces of the "Winter King" (no, not the one from behind the Wall). After that, it was atatcked by Swedish soldiers and used as the army barracks during communist regime. Finally, today you can sleep within its walls that witnessed all these things!

Your room will be simple, you will have two restaurants to dine in, and lanscape park for walks. Whole city of Tepla is placed in the middle of "Spa Triangle", full of natural baths. Great choice for nature, history or spa lovers!

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Unique hotel Hotel Klaster Tepla1, Czech Republic


Unique hotel Hotel Klaster Tepla2, Czech Republic


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Klaster 1 , Tepla, Czech Republic