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Unique hotel Hotel Pilatus Kulm, Switzerland

Hotel Pilatus Kulm

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Admire the alpine views from 2000-meters high hotel!

In ancient times Pilatus Mountain used to be habited to dragons and witches, who roamed the area. Nowadays, adventure seekers, climbers and trekkers who wander in the mountains. Accessible by cable car or cogwheel railway (we recommend trying both!), this unique hotel will guarantee you some of the best views in the area!

Once you'll check-in to this unique hotel, you will find cozy rooms, warming restaurant and plenty of options to discover local area. Perfect place for mountain enthusiasts!

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Unique hotel Hotel Pilatus Kulm1, Switzerland


Unique hotel Hotel Pilatus Kulm2, Switzerland


Unique hotel Hotel Pilatus Kulm4, Switzerland


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6010 Alpnach , Lucerne, Switzerland