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Unique hotel Hotel Telegraaf, Estonia

Hotel Telegraaf

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Stay in the historic Estonian Telegraph office!

Long time ago there was a telegraph. It was something like wired-text messaging between Post Offices, which become the very important places in the city at that time. Hotel Telegraaf is located in the same building that was used in 19th century as the local pager. 

Today elegant building from 1878 has been transformed into luxurious hotel, where you can enjoy your unique stay in Tallinn. It has central location, good restaurant, historic decor and pool - all the things you need for comfortable stay!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Airport transfer
Swimming pool

Unique hotel Hotel Telegraaf1, Estonia


Unique hotel Hotel Telegraaf2, Estonia


Unique hotel Hotel Telegraaf3, Estonia


Unique hotel Hotel Telegraaf4, Estonia


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