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Unique hotel Hotel Tobaco Lodz, Poland

Hotel Tobaco Lodz

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Sleep at the award-winning hotel in former tobacco factory!

Bright and inviting hotel tobbacco should be a pleasant surprise for everyone visiting Łódź. Inside, there are 115 rooms that nicely compell with neo-industrial atmosphere of the city with its rich textile manufacturing history.

Hotel is placed near Atlas Arena, Expo and Central station. It's hard to decide what's better here: hotel (14 awards), or the restaurant (13 awards). Best to book bed & a table to find out!

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Air conditioning
Airport transfer

Unique hotel Hotel Tobaco Lodz1, Poland


Unique hotel Hotel Tobaco Lodz2, Poland


Unique hotel Hotel Tobaco Lodz4, Poland


Unique hotel Hotel Tobaco Lodz5, Poland


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