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Unique hotel Hotel Ukraina, Russia

Hotel Ukraina

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Stay in one of the Moscow's famous Seven Sisters!

"We won the war ... foreigners will come to Moscow, walk around, and there are no skyscrapers. If they compare Moscow to capitalist cities, it's a moral blow to us" - Stalin's words perfectly explain purpose of the 7 tall buildings scattered around Moscow.

In one of them, quite unique hotel is located - inspired by the Empire State Building and designed personally by Stalin! Hotel Ukraina has only 34 floors - but do not let that mislead you! Inside you will find every luxury you can only think of - 11 restaurants(!), luxury rooms, swimming pool and spa. There is no reason to not to book it!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Airport transfer
Swimming pool
Fitness area


Unique hotel Hotel Ukraina1, Russia


Unique hotel Hotel Ukraina2, Russia


Unique hotel Hotel Ukraina4, Russia


Unique hotel Hotel Ukraina5, Russia


Unique hotel Hotel Ukraina6, Russia


Unique hotel Hotel Ukraina7, Russia


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