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Unique hotel Hotel Vueling Bcn, Spain

Hotel Vueling Bcn

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That's right! Reception of this unique hotel resembles the ones on the airport. After receiving your boarding card, you can make your way to one of the 63 rooms, that will take you to a different destination - from London to Santorini, to Casablanca and Paris. You will find out where, when you will open the door to your room.

After that, you can step down to the bar resembling board of Airbus A320 and relax by the pool. Luckily, you can use your electronic devices on the board and hotel even provides Wi-Fi connection. Perfect fresh idea!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Swimming pool
Fitness area

Unique hotel Hotel Vueling Bcn1, Spain


Unique hotel Hotel Vueling Bcn2, Spain


Unique hotel Hotel Vueling Bcn4, Spain


Unique hotel Hotel Vueling Bcn5, Spain


Unique hotel Hotel Vueling Bcn6, Spain


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