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Unique hotel Hotel Aldan, Iceland

Hotel Aldan

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Stay in the hotel featured in Secret Life of Walter Mitty!

Just as Walter Mitty finishes his scenic longboard ride in abandoned village he comes across the Aldan Hotel. If you ever watched "The secret life of Walter Mitty", you might want to consider Hotel Aldan as an unique place to stay.

Beside comfortable rooms you'll find here 'Nordic Restaurant that serves freshest fish and Icelandic cuisine with a twist. Try hiking, cycling or even longboarding while in the area. Top pick for any Walter Mitty fans out there!

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Cross-country skiing
Mountain biking

Unique hotel Hotel Aldan1, Iceland


Unique hotel Hotel Aldan2, Iceland


Unique hotel Hotel Aldan3, Iceland


Unique hotel Hotel Aldan4, Iceland


Unique hotel Hotel Aldan5, Iceland


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Oddagata 6 , Seyðisfjörður, Iceland