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Unique hotel Hotel Arctic, Greenland

Hotel Arctic

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This unique 4-star hotel is a very comfortable starting point for meeting Greenland. From your modern and flashy igloo you will get majestic views from edge, overlooking the impressive Disko Bay and UNESCO Ilulissat Icefjord with floating icebergs. You can actually hear Sermeq Kujalleq glacier creak and groan as it flows towards the sea throught the fjord!

Hotel was built in 1985 by Air Greenland to accommodate passengers. You can choose from 76 rooms, 9 suites and 5 igloos sitting right on the edge and connected to hotel with 75-metre boardwalk.

Ulo - hotel restaruant serves authentic Greenlandic cuisine, and is possibly one of the best in the country. Try here Greenland halibut, mussels, sea urchins, musk-ox, reindereer or Arctic hare. All gournished wiht local herbs not met anywhere else - sheep sorrel, knot weed, mountain sorrel, knoted pearlwort and...common mouse ear. Naturarly you can enjoy your dish on the terrace, watching as icebergs are passing by.

Local atractions here include cruises, dog-sledding, seal and whale spotting, and meeting inuit culture through drum circles, singing and dancing. Igloo-cabins are available between May and October. Northern Lights are visible here during winter nights, while day lasts 3 months here during summer. One of the best in Greenland!

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Mittarfimmut Aqq. B-1128 , Ilulissat, Greenland