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Unique hotel Hotel Ranga, Iceland

Hotel Ranga

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Complete Icelandic experience

If you're thinking about complete Icelandic experience, unique hotel Ranga has to be on your list. Inside you'll find 52 cozy rooms decorated after the continents and equipped with all the modern conveniences: TV's, Wifi, hairdryer and minibars. And let's not forget about the comfy bed too!

Hotel's restaurant overlooks East- Ranga River and is something you will remember - you can try wild mushroom soup, smoked puffin, plaice, lamb and Brennivin - traditional Icelandic liquor.

Apart of watching Northern Lights (hotel is well-known for this attraction) you can head up to the hotel's private observatory with roll-off roof and admire surface of Mars, rings of Saturn or watch Jupiter. Even Uranus and Neptune are visible if lucky.

If that's not enough for one stay, you can arrange other unusual activities: hot spring dipping, horse-riding, buggy trips, glacier trekking, fishing and heli tours.

All this is only two hour drive from the Keflavík international airport. Easy choice.

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Airport transfer

Bird watching
Helicopter flights
Horse riding
Quad biking

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