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Unique hotel Hotel Union Oye, Norway

Hotel Union Oye

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Visited by royalties, adventurers and artists. And you!

Travel to the village of Øye at the end of the Norang Fjord to spend a night in unique hotel, Union Øye. Since its opening in 1891 this place has been famous among artists, and royalties. Maybe its because of its lush green gardens. Or maybe renowned restaurant and service. Otherwise it must be its 30 individually decorated rooms with antique furniture and art pieces.

Rooms were named after royalties who stayed here including King Oscar, Queen Maud and Princess Victoria. Writers Karen Blixen, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Knut Hamsun were also here. Other famous people include explore Roald Amundsen, composer Edvard Grieg and playwright Henrik Ibsen.

Local attractions include hiking, boat trips along the Norang Fjord and even helicopter flights. Quality stay!

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Norangsfjorden , Oye, Norway