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Unique hotel Imperial Hotel Tokyo, Japan

Imperial Hotel Tokyo

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Stay in the oldest 'Western' hotel in Tokyo!

This unique hotel is situated right next to Imperial Palace - go on and take a peak at the royal grounds from your hotel window. Place was opened in 1890 to cater to 'Westerners' needs, but was not succesfull at all. Second generation was designed by famous architect Frank LLoyd Wright, and even partially survived Great Tokyo Earthquake on the very day of its opening! Then, hotel has been demolished and built from the scratch again in 1967.

Today it is still one of the most central locations in Tokyo, so your stay will be very convenient. Of course you can expect every convenience you can think of from the hotel with "Imperial" in its name: yukatas in the room, multiple restaurants, spa, fitness centre, tea-ceremony room room, where you can practice your piano skills(!) Great location and service!

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Air conditioning
Airport transfer
Swimming pool

Unique hotel Imperial Hotel Tokyo1, Japan


Unique hotel Imperial Hotel Tokyo2, Japan


Unique hotel Imperial Hotel Tokyo4, Japan


Unique hotel Imperial Hotel Tokyo5, Japan


Unique hotel Imperial Hotel Tokyo6, Japan


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