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Unique hotel In Trees, Poland

In Trees

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Sleep in the modern treehouse!

Most of us spend a part of our childhood armed with planks, nails and a kitchen hammer, hoping to create magic kingdom on top of a tree. With different results probably. What if we could fulfill this dream today? Luckily, a group of enthusiasts joined to create a comfortable and cosy treetop hotel where we can stay while visiting Poland.

And what unique hotel it is! Bright modern interiors with big windows, electricity, bathrooms and minibars. We dare to claim these are the best looking treehouses in Europe! They're surrounded by vast gorges and marvellous forests, which will take you back to your childhood days...just perfect!

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Unique hotel In Trees1, Poland


Unique hotel In Trees2, Poland


Unique hotel In Trees3, Poland


Unique hotel In Trees4, Poland


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Klonowa 2 , Nałęczów, Poland