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Unique hotel Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland, China

Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland

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Spend a night in a quarry

This unique hotel is tucked 88 meters below the ground level into what once was a deserted quarry,. But do not worry - you'll get the views of the mini lake, promenade and mini-beach. Alternatively instead o the window there will be a huge aquarium hosting all kind of sea creatures - how about that?

Rooms are spacious (up to 122sq meters) with such treats as Nespresso coffe machines, Ferragamo toiletries, BOSE sound systems and Dyson hair dryers.

Hotel is a host to a few interesting restaurants including Mr. Fisher placed one floor below water level, where you can admire sea creatures encompassed in custom built aquarium. Or try The Quarry Bar with industrial look and stone-like shaped ice cubes in your drink.

Among other attractions there is a natural rock-climbing wall very close to the hotel.

Quite unusual stay!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Airport transfer

Rock climbing

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