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Unique hotel Jarvzoo Wolf Hotel, Sweden

Jarvzoo Wolf Hotel

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Spend a night with the wolves!

Now this is something unique! Meet Wolf Hotel, where your closest neigbours will be ...well you guess it. Whole hotel was created in a barn inside the wolf enclosure, so you'll get a chance to watch them through big windows and hear howling at night! Sitting face to face with a wolf with only glass between will be a magical experience for children and adults alike.

Hotel has 5 rooms, toilets and sauna, while nearest tavern is just 5 minutes away. Did we mention that you also get a free entry to the zoo, where you can observe brown bears, arctic foxes, wolverines and reindeers? Now you know!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning

Animal watching

Unique hotel Jarvzoo Wolf Hotel1, Sweden


Unique hotel Jarvzoo Wolf Hotel2, Sweden


Unique hotel Jarvzoo Wolf Hotel3, Sweden


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Vallmovägen 49 , Järvsö, Sweden