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Unique hotel Jeeva Beloam, Indonesia

Jeeva Beloam

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Located deep in a 55-hectare forest preserve near a stunning 250-meter long white sand beach, unique hotel Jeeva Beloam lies in one of the most pristine locations in Indonesia. Partially built from recycled wood and materials found on the beach, it creates unusual Robinson Crusoe's atmosphere.

Hotel's restaurant uses only fresh ingredients bought from local fishermans and farmers, so you can be free from any worries about having negative impact on the local area. Local activities include trekking, cycling, surfing, snorkeling, fishing and kayaking. Perfect for remote relaxing holiday!

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Jl. Pantai Beloam, Jerowaru, Lombok Timur, Nusa Tenggara Barat , Tanjung Ringgit, Indonesia