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Unique hotel Juvet, Norway


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Get close with nature from the comfort 'Ex Machina' house!

Unique hotel Juvet has been designed to be as close to nature as possible. That's why its construction is based on stilts, and your room will have floor-to-ceiling windows, giving you unobstructed view of the nearby pristine forest. Alternatively you can decide to stay at barn, wood cabin or millhouse. Spa and restaurant are located on the grounds so your relaxation will be complete!

You can choose to ski, raft or hike your way through the surrounding wilderness. Hotel was also used in filming "Ex Machina" movie. Perfect place to discover scandinavian wilderness!

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Unique hotel Juvet1, Norway


Unique hotel Juvet2, Norway


Unique hotel Juvet5, Norway


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Juvet Landscape Hotel , Gudbrandsjuvet, Norway