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Unique hotel Kagga Kamma, South Africa

Kagga Kamma

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Observe the night sky in amazing nature hotel!

Unique hotel Kagga Karma is one of the places that are ideal for running away back to nature. Its environmental efforts are wide-known in the area, and sleeping options…quite unusual. For example, you can spend a night in an outcrop rooms, which are just a beds placed in the wilderness. Alternatively, you can use camping, hut or cave to spend a night in.

Hotel has its own observatory and offers wide range of activities from 4x4 safaris, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and reptile educational tours. Popular place, so make sure to book early!

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Air conditioning
Swimming pool


Unique hotel Kagga Kamma2, South Africa


Unique hotel Kagga Kamma4, South Africa


Unique hotel Kagga Kamma5, South Africa


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Kagga Kamma , Roggeveld, South Africa