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Unique hotel Kahutara PurePod, New Zealand

Kahutara PurePod

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Located on the hill overlooking Kahutara River unique hotel PurePod offers amazing views. Only here (and in other PurePod cabins) you can stargaze right from your bed - all walls and ceiling are made from glass. You'll find here king-sized bed, bathroom, kitchen and BBQ.

This charming guesthouse is located just 20 minutes from Koikura and 15 minutes from car park. This view will be remembered forever!

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BBQ facilities
BBQ facilities


Unique hotel Kahutara PurePod1, New Zealand


Unique hotel Kahutara PurePod2, New Zealand


Unique hotel Kahutara PurePod3, New Zealand


Unique hotel Kahutara PurePod4, New Zealand


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