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Unique hotel Kanopi House, Jamaica

Kanopi House

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Sleep in a secret tree house resort!

Tucked in the green tropical forest and overlooking famous Blue Lagoon, unique hotel Kanopi House is a secret that not many people know about. Luckily we found it for you. Be quick - this magic place soon will be known to the world.

So what is so special about it? Kanopi House is an eco-retreat consisting of lovely treehouses and bungalows in Banyan tree forest. No tree fallen here – instead owners changed the bilding plans so trees are now growing through the roof.

There’s no shortage of adventures here: rafting down the Rio Grande, jumping off the cliffs, swinging from the vanes, kayaking, snorkeling in turquoise waters or taking a boat tour to Monkey Island. Or if you feel less adventurous you can try al fresco dining, sunbathing or simply chilling in the cool lounge with selection of books and magazines.

Onsite restaurant is full of local delicacies you can try: callaloo, ackee, green bananas, grilled seafood, breadfruits and wild cocoa. Local Chef will be delighted to introduce them all to you! Or why not try local rum shop tour to discover what famous rums it has to offer?

To get to this unusual hotel you can fly to Kingston or Montego Bay and then drive (2.5h and 3.5h). Or you can take a helicopter if you feel like! (45-minute flight).

Be there before world finds out!

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In hotel:

BBQ facilities

Animal watching
Bird watching
Boat trips
Jungle trekking
Helicopter flights
Wine tasting

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Unique hotel Kanopi House2, Jamaica


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Unique hotel Kanopi House5, Jamaica


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Kanopi House , Port Antonio, Jamaica