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Unique hotel Karosta Prison, Latvia

Karosta Prison

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Get in the shoes of the russian prisoner!

Prisoners sentenced to death tried to escape this Tsarist Russia prison - now adventure seeking tourists are paying money to sleep here. Meet infamous Karosta Prison, where now for a small fee you get a chance to stay in one of the cells, sleep on a bunk, steel bed or just a mattress.

But there's more - you can book special experience, where you will be treated like real prisoner, along with verbal and physical abuse. There are also other interesting and less brutal scenario games, so everyone should find something for himself. Onsite you will find prison canteen and small souvenir shop. Great place for hen, stag parties, family adventure and friend reunions!

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Unique hotel Karosta Prison1, Latvia


Unique hotel Karosta Prison2, Latvia


Unique hotel Karosta Prison4, Latvia


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4 Invalīdu Street , Liepaja, Latvia