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Unique hotel Kirkenes Snowhotel, Norway

Kirkenes Snowhotel

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Do you have a courage to stay in the snow hotel?

Unique Kirkeness Snowhotel has 20 frosty rooms for the bravest adventure seekers! Each snow chamber accommodates from 2 to 5 people and has amazingly detailed sculptures beautifully carved out of the snow. Rooms hold steady temperature of -4C, but thanks to insulated matteracess, and thermal sleeping bags you can survive through the night with ease.

If that's not enough for your sense of Arctic adventure, you can order some cool drinks at the ice bar(!). Or warm up in the sauna. Kirkeness Snowhotel has also restaurant and offers many outdoor activities including Northern Lights tours, King Crab safaris, ice fishing, snowmobiling and snow shoe walking. There are over 180 husky dogs on site who will happily greet you and show you nearby area and fjords on a special dogsledding safari.

Hotel is opened from December until late April - make sure to make your reservation early though.  Best way to get here is to fly from Oslo to Krkeness and then taking.... HUSKY AIRPORT TRANSFER!!! Just perfect!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning

Snow shoeing
Northern lights watching

Unique hotel Kirkenes Snowhotel1, Norway


Unique hotel Kirkenes Snowhotel2, Norway


Unique hotel Kirkenes Snowhotel3, Norway


Unique hotel Kirkenes Snowhotel4, Norway


Unique hotel Kirkenes Snowhotel5, Norway


Unique hotel Kirkenes Snowhotel6, Norway


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