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Unique hotel Klængshóll Lodge, Iceland

Klængshóll Lodge

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Experience the beauty of Iceland from traditional lodge!

If you happen to be in one of the most beautiful regions of Iceland, do not miss your chance to stay at the most unique lodge in the country! It has amazing views of nearby river and mountains and a lot of space around.

You can enjoy trekking, whale-watching and horseriding in the beautiful setting before coming back to your traditional lodge with hearthy food, hot tub and sauna to help you relax. Perfect place to experience beauty of Iceland!

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In hotel:

Swimming pool

Horse riding

Unique hotel Klængshóll Lodge1, Iceland


Unique hotel Klængshóll Lodge2, Iceland


Unique hotel Klængshóll Lodge3, Iceland


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Klængshóll Skiðadal , Klængshóll, Iceland