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Unique hotel Kohri No Hotel, Japan

Kohri No Hotel

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Spend a night in the only ice-hotel in Japan!

Every year in Hoshino Resort (Hokkaido) during winter months magic happens. Out of nowhere, a colorful snow village appears for the brief three months. Those lucky will have a chance to spend a night in the real ice-hotel, complete with ice rink and ice bar.

Your room will be named Kohri no Hotel (snow hotel) and have plenty of space inside - 3,5 hight and 8,5 wide. Everything in the ice chamber is made of ice - you might want to put a pillow between your ice chair and your back when sitting! Arctic winter bags for temperatures up to -30C are provided, so you'll have a very nice sleep. Walls here are 20cm thick, so expect it to be very quiet inside! 

Hotel is located 15 min walk from JR station and local attractions include winter walks, skiing, snow mobile excursions and spending time in winter village. Perfect!

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Unique hotel Kohri No Hotel1, Japan


Unique hotel Kohri No Hotel2, Japan


Unique hotel Kohri No Hotel3, Japan


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Japan, 〒079-2204 Kohri No Hotel, Hokkaido, Japan