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Unique hotel La Claustra, Switzerland

La Claustra

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Spend a night in restored underground army fortress!

Thanks to the hotel owners who built this hotel in abandoned army base, you have a chance to have unique overnight experience. Or survive zombie apocalypse. Or both. Hotel corridors were carved out of the stone using dynamite and look more like a cave than part of the hotel. There is also a huge 10m gun sticking out of one room, and rockwall view from another.

And good thing that this base was taken over - now you have a cozy rooms instead of bunkbeds, jacuzzi and restaurant with real food! Worth it!

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Unique hotel La Claustra1, Switzerland


Unique hotel La Claustra2, Switzerland


Unique hotel La Claustra5, Switzerland


Unique hotel La Claustra6, Switzerland


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Via S. Gottardo , Airolo, Switzerland