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Unique hotel La Scuola Guesthouse, Italy

La Scuola Guesthouse

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Revisit your childhood memories in authentic italian schoolhouse!

Most of us probably did not like school when we were small. Now we smile when thinking about classrooms with blackboards, eccentric teachers, noisy breaks and friendships. Unique and charming guesthouse La Scuola, located in an old schoolhouse, will take you back to the elementary school days.

We have to say it: place is simply charming and has classroom furniture preserved. It will find a special place in your heart. Rooms are themed around lesson themes including Geography, History, Arithmetic and Science. You can choose from many activities available - from skiing and mountain biking, to hiking and rock climbing. Owners will do their best to make you feel here like!

Best small place to sleep in area.

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Air conditioning
Swimming pool


Unique hotel La Scuola Guesthouse1, Italy


Unique hotel La Scuola Guesthouse2, Italy


Unique hotel La Scuola Guesthouse4, Italy


Unique hotel La Scuola Guesthouse5, Italy


Unique hotel La Scuola Guesthouse6, Italy


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