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Unique hotel Lake Palace Hotel, India

Lake Palace Hotel

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Escape from hustle and bustle in the floating royal palace!

Built by Maharana in 1746, Lake Palace Hotel stands on four acres of rocks and with its white marble walls it makes first impression that is hard to beat. Throughout the years this unique hotel has been visited by royals and India's most important people. And James Bond (Roger Moore in "Octopussy"). Now it's 83-room hotel, where you have a chance to hide when you will feel overwhelmed by Udaipur's neverending energy.

You can choose from the four restaurants, or one of many romantic corners of the hotel where your food will be delivered. Hotel's Spa is considered as one of the best in India (and that's something!). Boats are here at your displosal if you feel like taking a sunset cruise on the lake, or getting back to Udaipur. Magic!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Airport transfer
Swimming pool
BBQ facilities
Fitness area

Yoga lessons

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Unique hotel Lake Palace Hotel2, India


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Lake Palace Hotel , Lake Pichola Udaipur, India