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Unique hotel Langholmen Hotel, Sweden

Langholmen Hotel

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Can you escape from the 18th century prison?

Located on the long and narrow island Langholmen Prison opened its doors in 1724 as a penal institution for woman. For the next 250 years it has been used as such, before being closed and converted to unique hotel in 1989. Today you have a chance to stay here and get in the shoes of a prisoner! Literally, as hotel organises activities, where you can try to escape with the help of the prisoner, who did his time here.

There are many cells to choose from (great!). Luckily, restaurant serves food much better than it used to as jail canteen. Hotel has also hostel section, so if you have a tight budget, you will find a price option that suits your wallet.  Hotel's atmpsphere is fun - just check the video for hotel's take Harlem Shake!

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Unique hotel Langholmen Hotel5, Sweden


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Långholmsmuren 20 , Stockholm, Sweden