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Unique hotel Leap 3912 Mountain Hut, Russia

Leap 3912 Mountain Hut

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Stay in the Russian tube with the views!

These charming tubes were built from fiberglass by company specializing in high-altitude accommodation, airlifted and placed at the height of 3912 meters. Today this hotel can today acommodate up to 49 people, making their way towards the top of Elbrus Mt.

The whole complex is situated on the regular ascent route of the mountain, near southern glacier,  few hundred metres from the historic refuge Priut 11, which was destroyed by the fire in the 1990's. One thing is sure - views from here are amazing!

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Unique hotel Leap 3912 Mountain Hut1, Russia


Unique hotel Leap 3912 Mountain Hut2, Russia


Unique hotel Leap 3912 Mountain Hut3, Russia


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361616 , Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia