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Unique hotel Les Nids, Switzerland

Les Nids

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Spend a night in a treehouse

It's round, it's cozy and it's sitting on a tree - meet Les Nids - unique treehouses perched on the edge of the Locle Forest. Inside your hideout you will find modern comforts, which you probably missed in your childhood treehouse: running water, electricity, toilet, sink, stovetope to cook dinner and comfortable bedding. 

Local attracations include swimming pool, horse riding, cycling and nature walks. 

What's interesting, from four cabins there is one that must be the first treehouse in the world with wheelchair access! 

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In hotel:

BBQ facilities
Party area

Bird watching
Horse riding

Unique hotel Les Nids1, Switzerland


Unique hotel Les Nids2, Switzerland


Unique hotel Les Nids3, Switzerland


Unique hotel Les Nids4, Switzerland


Movie credit: Jean Paul Vuilleumier

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