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Unique hotel Loisaba Star Beds, Kenya

Loisaba Star Beds

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Are you brave enough for total African experience?

We're used to sleep within four walls, whether of our homes, hotels - or even tents. But how about removing them, to fully experience Africa wilderness? Best thing about unique hotel Loisaba is that it offers its guests starbeds - which are exactly what it says: bed and stars. Choosing this will spend a night on a wooden terrace to give a better view of the surrounding areas and wild animals roaming free around and under your "room".

Nearby hotel will have everything you might need, while friendly Maasais will organise a traditional camp with BBQ dinner and wine. Unforgettable adventure!

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In hotel:

BBQ facilities

Animal watching
Bird watching
Jungle trekking

Unique hotel Loisaba Star Beds1, Kenya


Unique hotel Loisaba Star Beds3, Kenya


Unique hotel Loisaba Star Beds5, Kenya


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Loisaba Lodge , Laikipia, Kenya