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Unique hotel Lupe Sina Treesort, Samoa

Lupe Sina Treesort

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Spend a night in the only treehouse in Samoa!

Located on the hills of Tsavi, Lupe Sina Treesort offers a great alternative to traditional hotels. Two unique treehouses include most of the hotel amenities: bed, bathroom with shower, dining area, phone and room service.

What is best about this place is the terrace with magnificent views, and spending exciting night on the tree! You can relax and dine at the lovely restaurant after a night of trekking, bird watching and relaxing at the beach.

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Swimming pool


Unique hotel Lupe Sina Treesort2, Samoa


Unique hotel Lupe Sina Treesort4, Samoa


Unique hotel Lupe Sina Treesort5, Samoa


Unique hotel Lupe Sina Treesort6, Samoa


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