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Unique hotel Luxor, United States


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Stay in the Piramide-shaped hotel!

This is actually not a joke - someone really built a hotel resembling one of Giza's Piramids. And the thing is - it looks just great! Probably you will have a great time here in numerous restaurants, bars, clubs, night shows and casino - all that before you even leave the hotel!

Your rooms does not have sarcophagus but rather minibar and bed. After long night it's good to relax in hotel's Spa. Perfect for unusual Las Vegas stay!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Swimming pool
Fitness area

Unique hotel Luxor1, United States


Unique hotel Luxor2, United States


Unique hotel Luxor4, United States


Unique hotel Luxor5, United States


Unique hotel Luxor6, United States


Unique hotel Luxor7, United States


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3900 S Las Vegas Blvd , Las Vegas, United States