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Unique hotel Lyngen North, Norway

Lyngen North

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Perfect way to see Northern Lights

Glass igloos are perfect to admire Northern Lights Spectacle right from your warm and cozy bed. Luckily every year new ones appear. We would like to present you the newest member of the igloo family - Lyngen North Igloos. Falling asleep here you’ll have aurora right above your head - what’s better way to see it?

Inside you’ll find electrical bed that you can adjust for the perfect view, small kitchen, bathroom (luckily with frosted glass!), shower, and 25 mbps WiFi. During the day you can do some skiing, fishing or snowshoeing. Just see the movie below.

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In hotel:

Party area

Boat trips
Animal watching
Cross-country skiing
Northern lights watching
Snow shoeing

Unique hotel Lyngen North1, Norway


Unique hotel Lyngen North2, Norway


Unique hotel Lyngen North3, Norway


Unique hotel Lyngen North4, Norway


Unique hotel Lyngen North5, Norway


Unique hotel Lyngen North6, Norway


Movie credit: Lyngen North

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Spåkenesveien 281 , Rotsund, Norway