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Unique hotel Magic Mountain Lodge, Norway

Magic Mountain Lodge

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Top pick for adventure seekers

Unique hotel Magic Mountain Lodge is a perfect place for anyone looking for thrilling adventures while exploring surrounding wilderness and admiring Aurora Borealis.

Hotel has cozy rooms, shared kitchen, bar and restaurant. There is also ski storage, and common area to hang out and meet fellow travelers.

Naturally there are Northern Lights Tours here, that will take you to the best spots in the area. Whether it will be around the bonfire while listening to local tales, or from the boat drifting in the middle of the lake – hotel staff will make sure you have a good time.

there's one thing you won't find in any other hotel in the world and it is placed just 20min walk from the parking. Just take a hike and you’ll see a frozen waterfall and a mountain guide waiting for you with an ice-axe(!) We know you can do it! Because how often do you have a chance to climb wall made of ice? Other activities nearby include dog-sledding, mountain biking, snow-shoeing and Nordic skiing. Just take a pick!

We love this place. Forever.

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In hotel:

BBQ facilities
Party area

Dog sledding
Mountain biking
Mountain trekking
Northern lights watching
Rock climbing
Snow shoeing

Unique hotel Magic Mountain Lodge1, Norway


Unique hotel Magic Mountain Lodge2, Norway


Unique hotel Magic Mountain Lodge3, Norway


Unique hotel Magic Mountain Lodge4, Norway


Unique hotel Magic Mountain Lodge5, Norway


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Unique hotel Magic Mountain Lodge7, Norway


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