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Unique hotel Maison Couturier, Mexico

Maison Couturier

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Built by French immigrants in the 1800's, this old farmhouse is full of charm. Interiors has been czrefully renovated to accommodate unique hotel. You can sleep in one of the 8 bungalows, enjoy the nostalgic setting, and cool down in the beautiful swimming pool.

Interesting fact: Lemons in the orchard are still cultivated to this day here. Lovely charming place for your holiday!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Swimming pool

Unique hotel Maison Couturier2, Mexico


Unique hotel Maison Couturier5, Mexico


Unique hotel Maison Couturier6, Mexico


Unique hotel Maison Couturier7, Mexico


Unique hotel Maison Couturier8, Mexico


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Apartado Postal 110, 93620, , San Rafael, Mexico