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Unique hotel Mary Ann's Polarrig, Norway

Mary Ann's Polarrig

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Experience life in arctic remote village!

When the group of Moelven miners barracks came up for sale in 99' Mary-Ann Dahle did not hesitate. Today they're changed into unique remote hotel in the remote area of Svalbard. SIt gives its guests a taste of the real Svalbard, and the lives of all the miners and trappers who have left their mark on the island over previous generations.

You'll have a chance to experience the small-town life for a moment and sleep in one of the three buildings: mining, luxury or transportation rigs. The best thing about the hotel is probably the Winter Garden restaurant, where you can see how tropics meets the artctic, and where you can observe midnight sun right from your table!

Enjoy spa treatments, bar and game room, while local tourist company will provide all the adventures you might want!

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